Joe Sacco & graphic journalism


Recently, and also thanks to the local library, I discovered Joe Sacco, journalist, author and drawer of some historical political graphic novels.

Among his works I appreciated till now, the former is set in Bosnia and the other in Palestine. They are all demanding read, both for the need to pay attention to the historical-political evolution cause of wars, attacks and moments of peace, both because the intensity of the stories, unfortunately rich of war violence. The author almost never is impartial in telling his stories: this journalistic approach could either be liked or not, nevertheless reading his works provides a different point of view with respect to the articles read in journals and then forgot.

Safe Area Goražde: The War in Eastern Bosnia, 1992-1995

The journalist tells, with words and pictures, his trips in Gorazde – ONU declared safe area in the Serbian -Bosnian war and nevertheless repetitively attacked by the Serbian army – and his meetings with the city survivors.

These memories are interchanged with the ones of Edin, teacher met in Gorazde, and the ones of other surviving.
Extremely interesting because on one hand it explains the war evolution in a political and social perspective and on the other it presents also the human reactions and reflections to the conflict.


An overview on the war between Israel and Palestine; as for “Safe area Gorazde” images, more than words, give a more tangible idea on what we do not see.



Footnotes in Gaza

Gaza 1956, this is the main focus that is paired with the situation in Gaza while the author was gathering information to write the graphic novel (and it is already history).
1956 in Gaza is a history footnote, no official reports about what happened in the school ground and opposite description between the few lines in the international newspapers and the memories of the survivors.


* Safe Area Goražde: The War in Eastern Bosnia, 1992-1995 by Joe Sacco ★★★★★
* Palestine by Joe Sacco ★★★★★
* Footnotes in Gaza
by Joe Sacco ★★★★☆

*I read this book in Italian

Leggi questo articolo in Italiano


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