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Sometimes happens to read a series followed by a novel  / novelette / story set in the same universe; in those situations, if the series was liked enough, it seems to come back home, it’s the case of “The alloy of law” by Brandon Sanderson

The alloy of law

The alloy of law is a novel (wanting to be something more) set in the Mistborn universe. Centuries later from the ending of the original series some evolutions can be appreciated: the technical evolution bringing electricity in towns and the gunfight (with guns more or less effective against mistings ). Powers gained from metals are, obviously, present: however there are no more mistborns but only few mistings and feruchemists.

The novel, with respect to the preceding series, is more action-like: in the series the analysis of prophecies had a great importance as much as situations with political or psychological tensions (obviously not the ones with Vin fighting). The conclusion could have been built-in a different way, the reader does not have the time to guess or make hypothesis on the kidnapping and robbery instigator.

Some allusions to religion brings back to the past (that the series reader knows well, better than the main characters, for whom the history is almost legend), but the true coup de theatre is the meeting in the ending that left me amazed and in wanting of a follow-up.


The alloy of law by Brandon Sanderson ★★★★☆

*I read this book in English


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