[Series] Sin City – Vol 1 – 4 by Frank Miller


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Thinking about graphic novels – that I read frequently – I can’t avoid talking about Sin City, rough and cruel and beautiful for its stories and images.

Since the series is made by 7 books I decided to use two posts to write my comments; if you continue reading you can find the ones of the volume one to four, the other three will follow in another post.

The hard goodbye

She says her name is Goldie.

I always wanted to read Sin City.

The images in this first book are white and black and images born from shadows; the drawing is wonderful: for example the image in which Marv thinks under the rain or the one where Marv begins breaking down the door of the room where he and Lucille are kept prisoners have details and perspective almost claustrophobic.

“The Hard Goodbye” is not only images, the central idea is the revenge Marv wants to seek for the only person who showed him love: Goldie. Marv thoughts follow the reader in the seek of the true murderer. In this investigation lots of blood is shed, in Sin City violence rules.

A dame to kill for

That there is a dame to kill for. Why’d you let her go?

In this episode Dwight, the main character, meets Ava, a woman he knew long time before.
Ava is truly a dame to kill for, her appeal on men is so extreme that any man is willing to kill for her.

Black and white images also here, no colour and no grey, and also some amazing drawings where the silhouettes of characters determine action.
Sin City does not allow half measures also in the graphic.
Some pages contains references to the former book, the series is not made by stand-alone stories but is alive with stories happening, so close one to the other but without mutually  influencing.

The big fat kill

Again blacks and whites (but in the next episode yellow appears).

The plot is about Dwight and the whores of the old town: an error generates a war against the Sin City police.

In this story has space deadly, little Miho, characters already introduced – with her katana – in “A dame to kill for”.
The plot is quite more linear but action is engaging with chasing and shootings.

That yellow bastard

Don’t scream

And, as title suggest, here comes the yellow.

The story is almost completely built on thoughts of the protagonist, John Hartigan, who, for the second time of his life, is looking for Nancy to save her.
It’s a volume full of sorrow because fighting the power is impossible to have a full victory but something must be sacrificed.


* Sin City: The hard goodbye by Frank Miller – ★★★★★
* Sin City: A dame to kill for by Frank Miller – ★★★★★
* Sin City: The big fat kill by Frank Miller – ★★★★★
* Sin City: The yellow bastard by Frank Miller – ★★★★★

*I read this book in English


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