[Series] Sin City – Vol. 5 – 7 by Frank Miller


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Second post about Sin City and its last three series volumes.

As before lots of white and black to build images and a few colours – except for the seventh episode.
These last three also belongs to the reprinted version with minimal cover: no title but an evocative image about what we can stumble upon.

Family values

There’s all kind of families in it.

Dwight e Miho i protagonisti assoluti di questo volume. L’intreccio è interessante, non come alcuni volumi precedenti, e solo al termine del racconto si capiscono le dinamiche della storia. Mentre tutti i personaggi sono luci e ombre, la piccola letale Miho è sempre evanescente, completamente bianca con il nero necessario solo a delinearne i dettagli, come per accentuare la sua figura di killer ninja.


Dwight and Miho protagonists of this episode. The plot is interesting but not as the one of the previous stories, and some dynamics are understandable only at the end. While all the characters are lights and darks, lethal Miho is always evanescent, a total white and the minimum black needed to point out some details, as to enhance her figure of ninja killer.

Booze, Broads, and Bullets

Be good

A collection of short stories set in Sin City: in some of theme there is blue, pink and red.
Some have as main character known ones, to whom the reader is attached, in others there are new entries, like Delia – Blue Eyes.
The one I liked the most is “Silent Night”, almost no dialogues and cinematography-like pages.

Hell & Back

Ma’am, I barely know you.

Last volume, new character.
Wallace, a broke painter, comes back to his old habits to help Esther, a girl he barely knows; the volume is rich in action with a damsel in distress and her hero ready to save her.
Some characters (such as the ruthless Delia) and events are reminds of past stories, and are small details that help the reader feeling at home.

The graphics are different from the previous ones: an entire set of colorful pages (Wallace hallucination in a black and white reality) with fan-service (see the references to 300 and Hellboy and so on), and a flashback with stylised drawings: as a writer changes his register, Miller changes his images style.


* Sin City: Family values by Frank Miller ★★★★☆
* Sin City: Booze, Broads, and Bullets by Frank Miller ★★★★☆
* Sin City: Hell and Back by Frank Miller ★★★☆☆

*I read this book in English


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