Benjamin Lacombe’s illustrations


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Following the advice of “La città dei libri sognanti” I decided to read Benjamin Lacombe‘s works to look at his particularly evocative illustrations.

At the library I found three of his works: “Snow White”, “L’herbier des fées” and “Ondine”.

The three are different kind of books, “Snow White” is the classic fable with new drawings while “L’herbier des fées” is an original story with illustrations.

Blanche Neige

The story of Snow White is well-known, here there is the classic Grimm’s version (in the original from the tradition the evil queen was Snow White own mother).

The volume contains beautiful and peculiar illustrations such as the image of the queen near the mirror and snakes all around her neck or the ravens around Snow White (or inside her corset as in a cage).

L’herbier des fées

A russian scientist is sent – by Rasputin order – to study the plants in a French village near a lake known as a place of fairies.
The book follows the scientist’s discovers and his correspondence towards his wife and Rasputin.

The story is well conceived and the drawings help in this success. Here various presentation techniques are used – such as the use of opaque layer or carved ones to represent leafs – that make this a very particular read.


Among the three is the one that least convinced me, mainly because of the fairy tale that did not engage me.

The drawings are, also here, very well-finished – there are opaque layers overlapping the illustrations to provide a different perception.



* Blanche Neige by Benjamin Lacombe ★★★★★
* L’herbier des fées by Benjamin Lacombe ★★★★★
* Ondine by Benjamin Lacombe ★★★★☆

*Ho letto questo libro in Italiano


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