[Series] The String City Mysteries by Graham Edwards


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Short stories, published by the 40K, editor of digital books only, with protagonist a detective (an hard-boiled genre one) and his amazing coat; the city is strange as well as its mysteries.

Some stories are better than others, however overall this series is enjoyable, the only drawback is the ebooks price.

#1 The wooden baby

The 40k catalogues this series under “weird detectives”, impossible to answer back. A Marlow-like detective (at least considering his office) with a Dirk Gently like approach and a quite surreal context. Nice but short (and quite expensive considering its length).

#2 Dead wolf in a hat

The detective is the same as in “The Wooden baby”, in the second drawer there are always weapons and his coat still has a strange behaviour (I would like a coat like it, seems useful). This time no problem with newborn children but a corpse inside the office (a strange corpse although) and the woman suitable for a Marlow like detective (but more weird).

#3 Syren

[…] certainly some coats are worlds.

Watching the Little Mermaid (Disney edition) and reading the Andersen story it’s easy to have prejudices about sirens figuring them as half-fishes.
In this story, instead, they are half birds (as Wikipedia confirms). This premise because – since these stories contain some weird elements – I wrongly thought this was an innovative interpretation of the siren myths.
The strange fact is that they are nuclear (the sirens).
The detective is always the same, with his coat and the rain outside his office (but his name is still unknown).
A story with music and energy.

#4 Still point

Landlords. They’re all the same.

I prefer other stories of this series, however it’s a nice tale. This time the nameless detective is inside a maze talking about how he got there.
The landlord is wonderful.

#5 Girl in pieces

This story contains almost everything: greek myths, golem and something Frankenstein-like (or Nightmare before Christmas like).
It’s not a horror story, but as usual a weird one; the golem with their almost binary code and their clay hearth are graceful.

#6 The Dame Don’t Whimper

Another story about the Ragnarǫk, this time only a background to this detective story.
A husband disappears, trivial if one does not consider the fact he worked for the ex dream factory and that he has a quite peculiar and fierce wife. As the other stories it’s nice and unlikely.

#7 Lifestrings of the Loving Couple

The most notorious weird detective of this series has to find Ray’s wife, lost after visiting the zoo. He will have to deal with lifestrings, Dedalus, various animals and a magpie.
The story’s plot is not as complicated as the previous ones and for this reason it is not so much fascinating, moreover there are only a few occasion on using doors, angles and coats.


* The wooden baby by Graham Edwards ★★★☆☆
* Dead wolf in a hat by Graham Edwards ★★★★☆
* Syren by Graham Edwards ★★★★☆
* Still point by Graham Edwards ★★★☆☆½
* Girl in pieces by Graham Edwards ★★★★☆
* The Dame Don’t Whimper by Graham Edwards ★★★★☆
* Lifestrings of the Loving Couple by Graham Edwards ★★★☆☆½

*I read this book in English


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