Roadside Picnic by Arkadij e Boris Strugackij


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I love science fiction, but I left only a little space for it here until now. Since I regret this, here the review of a book read some months ago: Roadside Picnic by Arkadij and Boris Strugackij.

The movie Stalker took inspiration from this novel.

Roadside Picnic

The alien visitation is like a roadside picnic: they come and left leaving behind the areas where they stand. In these places (the zones) it’s possible to find some alien artefacts, some useful and some unintelligible to the human mind. The retrieval is dangerous due to some possibly lethal physical phenomena.
Only the stalker wander in the zone to find objects to sell; the novel follows the life of Red Schuhart and describes how his life is determined by the presence of the zone, so much that also his family will be affected.
The alien visitation is presented following two main point of view: on one hand the scientists, interested about the cause of it and in knowing about the objects in the zone, on the other hand the stalkers, who have not this kind of doubts but see the zone as a way to become rich; the latter are the ones that suffers the effect of the zone (mutant child etc..).
The science fiction aspect is sometimes marginal, however the novel is very interesting, in particular because of the setting and the dramatic nature of the events.


* Roadside Picnic by Arkadij & Boris Strugackij ★★★★☆

*I read this book in English


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