Miriam Black so far


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Miriam Black, the main character of a series of novels by Chuck Wendig, is able to see how a person dies after a touch,
The series, to me engaging and fun, is not suited for who does not like to read violent episodes or a colorful language (both things the novels are full with).
Miriam, once a protagonist able to save herself, may be a little unrealistic, but I like a lot her adventures.

Another plus of these novels are the covers by Joey Hi-FI, amazing: the whole story in an image.


I liked a lot this novel, maybe some ideas are not new but the writing is engaging.
The male writer chose a female protagonist who surely does not correspond to the classic idea of womanliness – not at all in fact – but I think she is a character that turns out well in this story; everyone has his opinion but personally I like to read novels with Miriam-like characters.
Similarly to other productions of the author there is a lot of violence, both in the story time both in the vision of death that Miriam has.
By the way the cover is awesome.


While in Blackbirds Miriam and her gift were introduced now the action is more engaging. Miriam, understood the possibility to change destiny, acts consequently in a vortex of violence and cynical sarcasm; this time however her task will try her out.
The style engaging, the plot lively and with a lot of action and the main character is awesome; I’m ready for the third book.

[ARC] The cormorant

Third volume of the series. Another book not suited for sensitive people: violence is protagonist both in Miriam life and death visions.
This time the novel recalls the story already told in the former two books: known faces and names (sometimes difficult to remember due to the lapse of time between the publication of the three books).
As always contains lots of action and it is engaging, also thanks to some expedients in the plot structure.
Miriam is the same: impudent, vulgar and impulsive, always awesome.

Thanks to the publisher for providing me the copy necessary to write this review.


* Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig ★★★★☆½
* Mockingbird by Chuck Wendig ★★★★☆½
* The Cormorant
by Chuck Wendig ★★★★★

*I read this book in English


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