Two boys kissing by David Levithan


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Love is universal no matter who you are

In 2010 Matt Daley e Bobby Canciello break the previous world record by kissing continuously for 32 hours, 30 minutes and 45 seconds. This was done to point out to the world that “Love is universal no matter who you are”.

The writer David Levithan will take inspiration from this event for his novel “Two boys kissing”: the main character are made-up, in common with the reality there is only the purpose to break the longest kiss record – and its meaning.

In the following the review.

Two boys kissing

Harry and Craig decide to break the world record for the longest kiss: they will try in a public place and a life feed will testify it. It’s a symbolic gesture due to personal reasons and willing to prove that love overlook the person feeling it.

“There is no reason that we should ever be ashamed of our bodies or ashamed of our love.

The kiss is the focal point of the novel that talks about other stories with other protagonists, every one of them  busy trying to understand themselves and be understood from others, their family and their friends.

The feeling that the world is full of people who think different is synonymous with wrong.

The whole story is told by a greek chorus of the generation of gay men lost to AIDS.

You can’t know what it is like for us now–you will always be one step behind.
Be thankful for that.

You can’t know what it was like for us then–you will always be one step ahead.
Be thankful for that, too

The novel is a fast read but it is extremely demanding for all the themes it is about and for all the emotions. The narration – by the greek chorus – is particular and maybe difficult at least at the beginning of the novel: some pages are necessary to get used to this style and to the vastness of emotions, feelings, advises and memories it entail.


* Two boys kissing by David Levithan ★★★★☆

*I read this book in English


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