Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


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The novel – that I didn’t know existed – was point out by the 2013 Goodreads Awards: from the same author two novels are in list as best YA (that maybe is not quite the correct definition, it seems more like new adult – that however I link to un-readable books).

I liked Fangirl a lot, it was some novels ago that I had the reading addiction (maybe since the Mistborn series), the desire to know what is going to happen (of course my opinion is not universal, so somebody won’t like this novel).

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Cather and Wren, twin sisters, since childhood are fans of the series about Simon and Baz (like Harry Potter but without the copyright) of which the eight – and last – book is going to be published. Cath is so enthusiastic about that magical world that she writes fan fiction about it: every one of her stories – but especially her last one, almost a novel – are followed by thousands of people. So able to fire up the Internet  so scarce (and uninterested) in having real life friends, Cath is quite the opposite of her sister, more likeable and willing to go to parties, to drink and to have boyfriends.

The novel tells about the first year of college of Cath (the true main character) and the emotional challenge she has to face to become part of this real new world, so the meeting with her roommate (the determined Regan) and her friend Levi (and his million kind smiles). The relation between the sisters will have to change as well as the one between their family: every one of them will have to deal with their shortcomings.

It’s a normal story refreshing in its normality, Cath insecurities are sharable and her relationship with other people believable, as well as the characters.
Moreover, clearly an innovation in the genre, there is no romantic triangle: for once the characters are able to deal with their emotions without being attracted by a third person, a relief.

Concerning the style each chapter is introduced by a “quote” from either the “Simon & Baz” series, either Cath’s  fan fiction, an interesting idea to make this hypothetical series more solid.


* Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell ★★★★☆½

*I read this book in English


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