Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell


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A week rich of Rainbow Rowell novels: after the wonderful impression by Fangirl I read the other novel candidate at the 2013 Goodreads awards, “Eleanor & Park”.

The novel confirmed the first impression about the author, I preferred Fangirl for personal taste, now I’ve only to read the other already published novel and to wait for “Landline” to come out.

Eleanor & Park

Eleanor is chubby, has red hair, a numerous family and a mother dominated by the new stepfather, an angry and abusive man.
Park is half korean, likes to dress in black, to read comic books and listen to alternative music.

The ’80, on the bus to school next to Park sits this new girl, Eleanor, different from the other, and for this laughed at.. Day after day the two will become friends sharing music and comics (the first issues of Watchmen are coming out), until friendship changes in something more deep.
The joyful moment will alternate, for Eleanor mainly, to sad ones in her family due to the presence of her violent stepfather.

The story is told by the point of view of both the two protagonists, always one after the other: this sometimes interrupts what’s happening but at the same time enriches it by providing a different pov, simultaneous or sequential.
The novel is fast paced and engaging; the writer is able to deal with different thematic (bullying, home violences, growing up and falling in love) without being trivial or gross.

It’s a trip in a past where cell phones did not exists, where the music was listened on the Walkman, where some bands began being famous and the first issues of Great comics started coming out.


* Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell ★★★☆☆½

*I read this book in English


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