A scanner darkly by Philip K. Dick


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Recently I’m reading a lot of YA, but this is not a reason to forget my great love for science fiction. And it’s impossible to talk about SF without talking about the most visionary author of all times: Philip K. Dick, master in overlapping reality and non.

In the following the review of one of his novel I read some months ago, maybe the most visionary of all them.

A scanner darkly by Philip K. Dick

The plot is simple: a policeman, under cover, will feel his increasing confusion due to the abuse of the substance D till the tragical end.
The author was inspired by his own life, as he remembers in the comment at the end of the book; a beautiful and tragic memory of his life.
Dick tries to make the reader understand about dependencies and their implications on the mind of the drug abusers.
The reader follows the increase of unawarness in the protagonist’s mind. It’s not an easy novel – the first time I’ve tried to read it I failed – my suggestion is to read if the author style is liked.


* A scanner darkly by Philip K. Dick – ★★★★☆

*I read this book in English

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