Vicious by Victoria Schwab


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“With great power comes great responsibility”

Maybe not always. Not always superpowers are linked to bravery, love for others and devotion, sometimes, as in Vicious (but apparently also in Steelheart that I just begin to read) from great powers derives the desire to be like God, or to revenge or a sense of alienations.

In the following my thoughts about Vicious.

In Vicious we meet the two main characters: Eli and Victor, opposite for past events but not in a hero-nemesy way.
The two guys, promising doctors, discovers how to acquire superpowers; since that moment their roads departs: one will dedicate himself in exterminating the other extra ordinary men and the other will plot his revenge. The novel is structured in two parts: in the former the reader understands what’s happened in the part and the latter, more syncopated, sets up the final fight.
They are not alone in their plots: both of them will be helped by normal men and EO ones, like the sisters Serena and Sydney.

Avoiding other plot details and possible spoilers I prefer to point out what I liked and what did not convince me about this novel.
I liked the way one gets superpowers and how the power is shaped on the person and on circumstances: the idea works and, applied in a real context (where mutants are not x-men) is plausible (even if it still is imaginary)
The way the powers are gained did not convince me at all: there is nothing in the book that provides the idea that Eli and Victor start from something existing for their experiments (an intuition, a previous study), it seems that they get this crazy idea and begin experimenting (and it’s near death experiences).
I liked the characters and their hint of evil they express more or less openly, the idea of “loss” of something could have been more developed.
Overall an engaging and well-built novel.


* Vicious by Victoria Schwab ★★★★☆

*I read this book in English


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