[Series] Takeshi Kovacs by Richard K. Morgan


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Richard K. Morgan is the author of three novels with protagonist Takeshi Kovacs, a mercenary ex-soldier. The universe built by the writer contains different planets and systems colonized by humans; the technological evolution allows to store the conscience of people (abilities, memories, …) in spite of the storing of the body, it is possible to put the “soul” of a person in another body – or sleeve –  (this is particularly useful when dealing with wars to create super-soldiers).

The books in the series have as common element Kovacs, but they deal with different adventures and thematic: from crime-noir to military science fiction and astro-archeology.
The novels are very well-built and well-finished concerning settings and characterizations, the presence of numerous technological elements (maybe difficult to comprehend) enriches the science fiction setting.

Suited for science fiction and action lovers

Altered Carbon

Get to the next screen.

It can be defined as hard-boiled science fictions, it takes from Gibson, from Blade Runner, and maybe also from Chandler (and others).
I liked it a lot since I enjoy when science fiction is mixed with other genres (such as crime or mystery).
The initial part of the novel is the more complex since the main theme useful to understand the plot are introduced: the “soul” can be stored and people are so able to wear different bodies (sleeves), the idea is very interesting – and useful also for the crime theme.

Broken angels

Second adventure for Takeshi Kovacs after the one on Earth.
On Sanction IV, planet devastated by war, Kovacs start fighting as mercenary  for one of the two factions and ends in a risky scavenger hunt to recover a martian artifact.
This time Kovacs is not alone, as in the first volume, but he has the help of an ad-hoc chosen team.
The reader attention is keep alive by the numerous action episode, but the novel deals also more complex themes such as religion and politics.
I found it a hard read in English, mainly due to the heavy presence of technological words / concepts.


Woken Furies

Third (and last?) book about Takeshi Kovacs.
His first adventure was a crime-noir set on the Earth, the second one was military science fiction and martian astro-archaeology this instead is set on his native planet (Harlan world) and talks about revenge and revolutions.
After two centuries spent far away from home, we find Kovacs busy in carrying on a personal revenge, that will bring him to meet a split personality girl (both of them remarkable) and revolution will start again.
It’s an almost mythical book: the reader meets the authors of the aphorism quoted in the two previous books.
I found also this book quite hard to be read in its original language: lots of technology to picture and the re-sleeving does not help in following the character’s story; I found some episodes more engaging than others.


* Altered carbon by Richard K. Morgan ★★★★☆
* Broken Angels
by Richard K. Morgan ★★★☆☆
* Woken Furies
by Richard K. Morgan ★★★★☆

*I read this book in English


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