Life after life by Kate Atkinson


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Asimov in the Foundation cycle states that history is made by masses and not by single people.
This novel follows the story of a single person, Ursula. The life of the protagonist is iterative, since each time Ursula dies she reborn and starts again from the beginning.
Each reborn is characterized by a different choice (even a small one) that can bring to a different future both for Ursula and the people next to her. That a single person may change history is still to see.
The idea of the novel is interesting and the ending closes very well the novel; another aspect I’ve appreciated is the author’s style.
The plot is sometimes slow, especially in the central part. The various lifes make so that the characters next to Ursula’s family are well described while the occasional encounters are described worse and are more difficult for the reader to put within the plot.
The setting between the two WW does not improve the narration: the main idea could be carried on also without the setting during the London blitz and the Hitler ascent.


* Life after life by Kate Atkinson ★★★☆☆½

*I read this book in English


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