To the moon by Freebird Games


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“To the moon” is an indie retro video game, made by Freebird Games with the design and help of Kan Gao.

The playing style is minima: to move are enough the four arrows and the mouse is needed only to simple interactions, it’s definitely not a frenetic game.

It’s an interactive story (and with story I mean a movie or a book), the beautiful parts are the dialogues that allows to comprehend what’s happening and the protagonist’s past. There are no voices, all the dialogues appears as comic balloons and the only sound is the music composed by Kan Gao.

Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts works for a society that allows, thanks to modern and innovative technologies, to dying people to see their life dream realised at the last moment: the previous memories are deleted and a new story is set up, this of course does not stop death but allows people to die with a new calm gained by knowing their life fully lived.

In this episode – I hope being the beginning of a long series – the two doctors have to face an unexpected desire: Johnny wants to go to the moon, the two will have to retrace what create this desire in Johnny’s past and what inhibited it.

Now [08/01/2014] the game is available in a humblebundle at a price to be set by the buyer, a very good chance to try it.


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