Echo by Terry Moore


Leggi questo articolo in Italiano

I had great expectations about this graphic novel: a famous title that I read in the italian edition by Bao that reunites all the issues in a unique volume of more than 500 pages.

Overall the story is engaging: a military experiment with the purpose to test a new metal fails, the scientist dies and the metal falls to the ground to intercept Julie, unaware photographer, to partially cover her skin.

The woman will soon understand that the metal has strange powers and that she is chased by ruthless people.

The plot is well-developed, with clear images and explanatory parts interposed with action ones. The only shortcoming is the conclusion: too fast to leave only a few elements to the reader to understand its meaning and a lot of open questions (Cain’s role, where the metal ended… ).

I surely hoped for something more.


* Echo by Terry Moore ★★★☆☆

*I read this book in Italian


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