[ARC] The almost girl by Amalie Howard


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Riven is a girl from Neospes, a world parallel to our own, devastated by some technological wars and governed by a monarchy. The girl, an ex general of a Vector army (ruthless soldiers created from human corpses), has the duty to travel to the other world [our own] to find Caden, the king brother, taken away from Neospes by his mother.

It seems an easy duty to Riven, who will soon find not to know all the truth about her family and her own world.

The novel is engaging and dynamic, it contains some turns of events that contribute in maintaining high the reader attention; some are easy to guess (and the title itself contributes to spoiler), other are more unexpected.

Another strength of the novel is the worldbuild of Neospes where the second part of the novel is set. Some elements could lead back to known novels or movies, that the author herself quotes in the novel (the planet with a little water like Dune, the Vector that may be similar to the Terminator, the travel between universes like in Stargate). It can not be defined a hard science fiction novel, since there is no deep analysis on the jump between worlds, maybe to avoid unbelievable explanations.

The focus of the novel is Riven and her evolution during the story: she has to face her past and some uncomfortable truths; among all this what did not convince me are some events deriving from the romantic love story that are too forced to be believable, like the passionate kisses in dangerous moments, or Riven total loss of cold blood despite her being a trained soldier.

Overall it’s a good novel that maintains his pace until the end.

Thanks to the publisher for providing me the copy necessary to write this review.


* The almost girl by Amalie Howard ★★★☆☆½

*I read this book in English


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