The blade itself (The first law #1) by Joe Abercrombie


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“The blade itself” is the first novel of the “The first law” series. The novel itself is only an introduction to further wars and events that will happen in the next volumes.

In the novel some key characters are introduced, and the reader will follow the plot through the eyes of three of them. They, completely different for personal history and behaviour, are Glokta, a soldier that after being tortured joined the inquisition, Logen Ninefingers, a north barbarian, skilled in fights but with unexpected qualities and Jezal, a young conceited and egoist noble.

To pull the three together, other than destiny, there is Bayaz, first of the Magi, willing to come back to stop the wars.

The only shortcoming of the novel is the lack of detailed world build: there are hints about what happened in the past and what’s happening, but there is no precise contextualization.

On the other hand the characters are described beautifully: the writer was able to create three (and more) different characters but extremely believable without building them too much good or bad. Each of them has a history that shaped the character.
Moreover the novel is not linear, but different plots contributes to the main one and to bring the most various characters in a single place.
A very good read that I will surely carry on in the further books.


* The blade itself by Joe Abercrombie ★★★★☆

*I read this book in English


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