Maus by Art Spiegelman


Leggi questo articolo in Italiano

Maus is a hard graphic novel for what it tells, and while you read it – and you know everything about that history because is a school topic and there is the International Holocaust Remember Day – it feels unreal and you ask yourself how it is possible that men – men and women like you, what difference should it be? – were able to create something so organized and horrible and cruel [and “The third wave” shows how easy is to recreate it all].
Maus is not only the memory of Nazism and concentration camps, it is also the love for a father willing to survive with and for his family, who is idealized and worthy but with all his weaknesses.
Maus is also the love between a man and his wife and the increase of awareness about a piece of history and about the writer himself: it’s a story speaking also about its author who shows his weaknesses and doubts to his readers.


* Maus by Art Spiegelman ★★★★★

*I read this book in Italian


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