Backward Compatible by Sarah Daltry & Pete Clark


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A geek love story, as Backward Compatible title says, and there is the love story, with alternate point of view between Katie and George, who met the first time while both aiming to the last copy in store of Fatal Destiny X, the online game they play.

The novel tells a normal story: the only particular characteristic of the main characters and their friends is the fact they like a lot to play to videogames. In my opinion is a novel suited for who tried to live for a while like Katie e George: nights spent searching for keys, opening secret levels and gaining achievements; moreover the novel is full of quotes from other videogames (The cake is a lie etc…) and from fantasy culture.

Sometimes the main character were too extreme also for me (go see a movie in cosplay?), but the novel is nice, also thanks to the funny dialogues (Layton at the beginning is too much, but during the story it gains his place).

The last consideration: speaking about novels & videogames I recall Ready Player One, that I already commented on and that I did not like.
What is different between these two novels?

  • Backward Compatible tells a normal story with believable characters, in Ready Player One the author inserts the dystopic element, the characters are moved by serius issues and they are almost  umbeliavable in their evolution.
  • Ready Player One, in the end, it’s a great omage to the ’80 culture, and there are lots of (boring) reports of videogames and movies, here we also have the videogame, but the chronicle is dilute thanks to the nice dialogues.

Ready Player One aims to talk about a dystopic future and, impossible to hide, about how much the author did like the culture in which he grew up; Backward Compatible tells a nice story without aiming to speak about greater and more delicate issues.


* Backward Compatible by Sarah Daltry & Pete Clark ★★★☆☆

*I read this book in English


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