Beauty Queens by Libba Bray


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The beauty queens plane crashes on an apparently desert island: the girls will have to save themselves in the end (without princes).

Beauty Queens is a funny novel parodying – by taking them to the extreme – some typical behaviors of beauty queens; during their stay in the island the girls will be forced to be their true self and they will start sharing ideas and dreams – and that pageants are not so amazing.
The novel deals with various themes without losing its irony.

The first part is the best one: the ideas of the Fun facts and the use of different point of view for each chapter are good and it also deals with the changing of the beauty queens toward normal girls.

The last part, more rich in action scenes, is not as good as the first one; many characters are too much a parody to be taken seriously.
I liked also the commercial breaks; concerning the footnotes they are likeable but quite too much (and a pain on a digital edition).


* Beauty Queens by Libba Bray ★★★★☆

*Ho letto questo libro in Inglese


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