The 5th wave by Rick Yancey


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The Earth is threatened by an alien invasion: four waves of destruction to exterminate the human population, and now it’s time for the fifth one.
The novel follows the devastation through the eyes of some of the protagonists, mainly the one of Cassie, whose purpose is to find her little brother, but also through the ones of Evan, Sammy and Ben – who Cassie was in love with during high school.

The ambiguity of the alien invasion is well depicted, the reader doesn’t know who to trust of the various characters (are they aliens? Are they human traitors?) and there are also some engaging action scenes; unfortunately there are some cons too.
In a devastated scenery where  it’s so easy to die and where – as characters tell – you have to “trust no one” they trust everybody quite easily; the main character Cassie turns from a timid girl to a Rambo one, the naïve Sammy, the sadly possibility of a love triangle in the following books (it’s a mandatory feature? And someone compares this novel to Ender’s Game – shame on them!) and some plot bugs  (why the lethal virus that exterminated the humans did not affect the aliens? Since the aliens are only mere conscience in an existing human body).
Overall the novel is interesting but it’s necessary to point out that reflections about coexistence with aliens are dealt also in other books.


* The 5th wave by Rick Yancey – ★★☆☆☆½

*I read this book in English


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