[ARC] The Purple Girl by Audrey Kane


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Violet is born purple (by imaginative parents): purple the hair, the eyes, the skin; everything she touches becomes purple for some instants: for these reason the girl is left alone by the town’s people.

This novel for children wants to express the moral that one needs to be content with himself and maybe to find a way to make other people more friendly. A nice message, unfortunately the book has some issues, the most evident to me is the fact that the story could have worked in a fairy tale structure (by cutting something) or in a longer novel format (by exploding something); as it is there are some events that seem to be there for no particular reason. The gipsy girl, the magic book (but it’s true meaning is still not so evident) Frankie’s role, the fact that Violet has a voice like the Disney’s Little Mermaid is enhanced near the end of the novel (at least in the Disney movie it was clear from the beginning that the voice was the most important gift of the mermaid).

Some mechanics typical of fairy tales (events repeating each night) does not work very well, like the fact that Violet follows the lights every nights.

In the end it seems like there are different episodes put together to create a more complex story; sometimes the jumps between episodes are quite difficult to follow (in their meaning).
A last comment about the language, maybe it’s because I’m not a child anymore, but I dislike the abuse of exclamation marks: use sparingly! Most of all it’s unbelievable that a purple girl keeps on be surprised by anything.

Thanks to the publisher for providing me the copy necessary to write this review.


* The Purple Girl by Audrey Kane ★★☆☆☆

*I read this book in English


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