[ARC] A calculated life by Anne Charnock


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Jayna lives a calculated life: she is not an organic (a standard human being), but she is a genetic engineering construct with some enhanced capabilities, such logic, analysis, in order to be extremely efficient on work without being burdened by the common human emotions.
The world she lives in it is full of being like her, some works are given to them, so much more able than human beings. Humans can access manager roles or more humble works and to live in the suburbs.

The ones like Jayna live together in central structures where their Constructor may monitor them, sometimes some present anomalous behaviours that force the Constructor (a corporation a few is known about) to take them back and to reallocate them in another work with their personality overwrite.
Jayna herself is aware of her changing in character: she is more and more interested in her coworker life, she has developed some hobbies and she begins feeling attracted to a colleague of her.

The novel follows Jayna perspective, and this allows to follow her changing in behaviour from being mostly analytical to developing emotions.

The worldbuild is described by Jayna eyes, so the reader becomes aware of the true society structure only once Jayna visits different places. The novel is nice and interesting, more focused on the psychological component and on Jayna’s increase of self awareness.

Thanks to the publisher for providing me the copy necessary to write this review.


* A calculated life by Anne Charnock ★★★☆☆½

*I read this book in English

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