Between Mom and Jo by Julie Anne Peters


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Main character and narrating point of view of the novel is, son of Erin and Jo, a homosexual couple.
The novel follows some of the most important events during Nick’s life since childhood to teenage years, and, indirectly, the evolution of his mothers relationship.

Overall I think that the novel aims to deal – poorly, in fact – too many topics: discrimination against Nick, alcohol abuse, serious illness, relationship problems, separation, custody, family dynamics, love, marriage. Shifting from a topic to the next one in the end deplete the meaning of the novel, resulting too shallow and predictable.

“Between mom and Jo” did not  move me, I found hard to sympathize for the character who, being few and the heart of the novel, are not well characterized.

This novel could have provided an interesting point of view, but in my opinion it failed in this aim.


* Between Mom and Jo by Julie Anne Peters ★★☆☆☆

*I read this book in English


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