[ARC] The Odd Job Squad by Karl Fields


Leggi questo articolo in Italiano

Ander, Joe, Christian and Shooter compose the Odd Job Squad, a team that helps secretly the ones victim of bullies; everyone ignores they have this extra scholar activity.

I though that the novel was only about pranks and revenges, instead it’s better than this: once Ander is discovered by a particularly cruel girl he is forced to obtain some tickets to a boy band performance (and he does not like them at all) to avoid being uncovered to the whole school (teachers included).

It’s a nice, fun novel about friendship, not a particularly deep one: some topics are not dealt enough or have a conclusion. .

Thanks to the publisher for providing me the copy necessary to write this review.


* The Odd Job Squad by Karl Fields ★★★☆☆½

*I read this book in English


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