Consider the lobster by David Foster Wallace


Leggi questo articolo in Italiano

I began reading this in english, but at the end I decided to skip to the italian translated version for it needs some effort to follow and understand each essay.

About Forster Wallace some friends told me about him being a genius, about how interesting and beautiful its works are, but until now I did not give much credit to them. They were right however, since this author is able to engage the reader, to entertain and to interest him and to bring te reader with him, in his reasoning and analysis of the problems he deals with.

The book is a collection of various kind of essays, Wallace in fact is able to talk about completely different topics (the porn cinema awards, the humor in Kafka’s writing, the 11 September 2001, the analysis of the english language use, the lobster festival in Maine etc…) always proving to be extremely competent and able to interest the reader also in issues he’s not interested with.

The notes are an important part of each text, that in this case are like a new level of the narration / reading experience and I belive that skipping them deprives greatly this experience.
Note. This structure – text + notes – makes this author works kind of hard to be read in an e-reader (my personal opinion), so I suggest to read them in the old way: books made of paper.


* Consider the lobster by David Foster Wallace ★★★★☆½

*I read this book in Italian

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