Supergods by Grant Morrison


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Supergods is a very detailed and complete essay about superheroes, mainly in comics – where they born – but also in other media (movie, tv series).

The book has pro and cons.

PRO. I found interesting the evolution of comic characters with respect to human history (the born of Superman before WWII, the need of human like superheroes like Spiderman and the X-Men).

PRO. The author follows the evolution of superheroes since the origins and till nowadays with lot of details, references to the original comic issues and the graphical image styles.

CONS. The description of original images loses strength if the reader does not now neither the image neither the artist’ style. I liked a lot the section about Watchmen – that I read – but other image descriptions bored me a lot since I did not know the artists. In the end my opinion is that the book need more images to support the description made by the author in order to help the reader in understanding the graphical evolution and main features.

CONS. Morrison speaks a lot about himself and his career by inserting his biography in numerous chapters. I think that reading the author story is not the purpose of the book (for the reader), moreover if the reader does not know the author works. Cutting some parts would have helped the whole book.

In the end it’s a very interesting book on this theme, but it needs some reasearch by the reader – mainly images.


* Supergods by Grant Morrison ★★★

*I read this book in Italian


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