Blankets by Craig Thompson


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Blankets is the autobiography of the author in the form of comic where he talks about his coming of age from childhood, about his relation with his family and about his first love story.

Craig is born and grows up in a catholic family in Minnesota? and his life’s experiences happen in relation to the Church and the catholic religion, for example the summer camps.

The story is about a child that grows up in a young adult different from the others, who loves to draw and his bullied by other children better integrate in the society where they live. As teenager he meets Raina in a winter camp, and he spends with her a couple of weeks during summer.

The blankets the title refers to are the ones shared with his brother as a child (on a bed that used to become a ship where they were safe from the shark on the floor during their games) and the one made by Raina.

Overall the story is almost trivial: a boy grows up to adulthood and remembers some key events of his life, but it is to praise the author for wanting to share his life with the readers.

The parts I found most irritating are the ones about religion: I always found amazing how behaviours and teachings can be taken to the extreme on the basis of supposed directives directly (and mostly literally) from the Holy Scripture.


* Blankets by Craig Thompson ★★★☆☆½

*I read this book in Italian


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