The Omnivore’s dilemma by Michael Pollan


Leggi questo articolo in Italiano

In this essay Pollan describes three macro alimentary chains: the industrial one – bound to the fast food concept – the biological one and the one that most reminds the idea of hunt-harvest, the food to eat is the one supplied by oneself.

For each chain the author describes its rules and how it does work by taking as examples various realities he visited while writing the essay. Each section ends with the description of a meal based on the alimentary chain described. Here the author does not want to discredit food in general and promoting a vegan or vegetarian approach, but he helps increasing the awareness on the logic the modern alimentation works on; these logics are not necessarily linked to the cultivation methods, but mostly are connected to social, political and economic issues.

The essay is interesting, despite some parts that for me, not living in the USA, were not particularly engaging. The chains described have in fact a focus on the USA life and alimentary style and only marginally may be transposed to an European or Italian set. Nevertheless I’m convinced of the need of being updated on a theme that has great repercussion on our lives and our health.


* Il dilemma dell’onnivoro by Michael Pollan ★★★☆☆

*I read this book in Italian

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