The way of kings by Brandon Sanderson


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The Way of Kings is the first novel of a new saga – The Stormlight Archives – by Brandon Sanderson (author of the Mistborn trilogy and of the ending volumes of the Robert Jordan saga “The wheel of time”), that by now is planned in ten novels. Below my comment about this first book.

The way of kings (The Stormlight Archive #1)

In this first book the author starts focusing on some key characters and building links between the past of Roshar world – unknown and on which are build various legends – and the time when the novel is set, with a particular focus on the war in the Shattered Plains.

Sanderson describes also the world where the character live, characterized by strong storms – during which the light contained in the gems used as money recharges – that modified the whole environment. From the social point of view people are divided in castes determined – at least where the novel is set – by the eyes color: the lighteyes are noble people who detain power, the darkeyes are common people and below all there are the parshendi, silent and obedient slaves. The war in the Shattered Plains is against a parshendi tribes, different beings from the silent slave employed in the cities; these are armful and warring. To complicate the war the existence of shardplates and shardblades, magical blades and plates that make their owned extremely powerful; their existence goes back to the mythical times when the Haralds protected people against the Voidbringer.

In this novel the reader follows three points of view: Kaladin, a slave – ex soldier – who has the role of bridgeman in one of the army that are fighting the war, Shallan, who wants to become a ward of Jasnah Kholin, scholar, and Dalinar Kholin, uncle of Jasnah and brother to the murdered king, also fighting the revenge war in the Shattered Plains. Actually these are the main POV, actually there are more but shorter.

It’s a rich novel, there are the first notion for the worldbuild, for the numerous political intrigues and for the coup the theatre that will happen in the following novels (e.g. normal men who become heroes); I found it fluid, but I think that it can be reduced in some slower parts (we are talking about a 1000 pages book). It’s hard to say how the series will go on, since it is already planned in ten books I think that the author will take his time in building the whole story (in Mistborne the first book was already meaningful, but that was only a trilogy).


* The way of kings by Brandon Sanderson ★★★★☆

*I read this book in English

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