Viviane by Julia Deck


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Viviane is a business woman in a company, and she is also the mother of a lovely baby girl. Despite this, she is depressed and insecure, so much to need the session with a psychologist: the separation with her husband is the last straw that forces Viviane to an emergency session with the doctor.

His patronizing way, the superficiality of the session will bring Viviane to an extreme violent act and then to run away from the murder scene.

This is how begins this short but deep novel where we follow the action and thoughts of a confuse woman who, to divert police suspicions, decides to encounter the other people potentially involved with the doctor’s death: his wife, his lover, a patient with violent issues who will share with Viviane their lives without hesitation. Left aside the murder, Viviane must manage also the communication with her ex-husband, now wanting to meet his child.

The reader is slowly engulfed by Viviane confusion, till the very end that will provide new insights on the story.

Julia Deck was able – despite the novel length – to create perfectly believable character that are accurately described, above all Viviane, more and more dragged by the events and her nervous issue, but also the other characters, the ones Viviane choses to meet and who share with her their story.

* Viviane by Julia Deck ★★★★☆

*I read this book in Italian


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