[Series] Wells and Wong by Robin Stevens


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The Wells & Wong series by Robin Stevens is set in the ’30 in England (the first two book in particular in 1934-35).

The two main characters are Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong, two girls about thirteen, great friends and both studying in a boarding school for girls. Daisy is english, blonde, bold and operative: she has always new project in mind, and she is the inventor of the Wells and Wong detective society. Hazel is chinese (from Hong Kong to be exact) and it was her father to desire her studying in England; she is just the opposite of Daisy, being shy, fearful and more reflexive.

The first novel, Murder most unladylike, is set in the school were the two girls live; Hazel will be unlucky enough to find the dead body of a teacher, and Daisy will instantly strive to investigate.

The novel is engaging and the mystery is well-built, the only issue is the presence of numerous characters that sometimes can be lost sight of (and in a mystery novel it’s unforgivable to lose sight of someone).

I liked the choice to tell the story from the POV of Hazel – who being the secretary of the society has to write down what happened and their reasoning – because it allows to focus some elements that otherwise could have been lost to the reader, and to explore better the evolution of friendship between the two detectives.

The second one, Arsenic for Tea, is instead set during the holidays that Hazel and Daisy spend with the family of the latter for Daisy’s birthday. When a guest – quite suspicious – of Daisy’s mother comes the holiday atmosphere collapses and the girls are again witnesses of a possible murder.

This time the investigation will not be simple, especially for Daisy, since most of the suspected belong to her family.

Also this time the POV is Hazel’s who writes down what happened, and this time the focus is more on Daisy’s character, thanks to the fact that the story is set in her familiar atmosphere.

It’s a very promising series, and I await to read the third novel of the series. Oh, and the cover are extremely nice.

Thanks to the publisher for providing me the copy of Arsenic for Tea necessary to write this review.

* Murder most unladylike by Robin Stevens ★★★★☆
* Arsenic for Tea
by Robin Stevens ★★★★☆

*I read this book in english

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