Elantris by Brandon Sanderson


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Elantris was a marvelous city, built on magic, where only people changed in semi-gods were allowed to live.

One day everything changed without a reason: mens are turned in monstrous creatures and Elantris begins to fall apart. Its inhabitants, before so strange and beautiful, now are looked at with horror and they are confined within the city of Elantris.

Around Elantris the world keeps going on, and the power of  Fjordell is becoming a menace to the neighbouring countries.

The novel is build on three points of view: prince Raoden, changed in an Elantrian and secretly exiled to Elantris, who struggles to make alive again the dying city, his betrothal Sarene who, after coming to Arelon for the marriage and discovering her husband to be death, choses to stay in the city to help some nobles in their rebellion and Hrathen,a Fjordell priest, come to the city to convert its inhabitants and annex Arelon reign to Fjordell.

The narration is quite nice and engaging, some chapters about Hrathen are more slow than the others, especially in the beginning.

Elantris is the first novel by Brandon Sanderson and it’s easy to see some elements that will be better structured in Mistborn (the magic, the court politics). Some events are too much plot driven or the outcome of fortuitous chances.

Overall it’s a good fantasy novel, but if I am to suggest a book of this author I will undoubtely suggest to read the initial Misborn trilogy.


* Elantris by Brandon Sanderson ★★★☆☆½

*I read this book in English


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