Seacrow Island by Astrid Lindgren


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The Melkerson family (the father Melker, the oldest daughter Malin, Johan, Niklas and Pelle, the youngest son) rented for the summer the a cottage on the Seacrow Island, what kind of adventures will welcome them?

A small island in the northern sea, surrounded by nature and populated by unforgettable characters, like the family that runs the grocery store and their three daughters, and among them Tjorven, a fearless girl always followed by Bosun, her gigantic dog.

Seacrow Island tells the story of the Merkenson holidays and their love for the Seacrow Island, that slowly conquers them with the beautiful nature and the cottage atmosphere.

It’s a novel I read and re-read when I was a girl, and still now it does not lose its charm: the nordic nature and a house at the end of the sea.

Seacrow Island by Astrid Lindgren ★★★★★

*I read this book in italian


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