The Cure for Dreaming by Cat Winters


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The novel is set in Oregon, 1900, in the time of suffragist manifestation for the vote of women.

Olivia Mead has a precise idea about her future – going to college and then a work – but her father has a different opinion on the matter, and will try anything to prevent her daughter being independent.

In the town comes Henri Reverie, a hypnotist, and during a show Olivia – who offered herself as volunteer – is easily hypnotized. Known about this, Olivia’s father asks Henry to hypnotize her again and to take away from her mind any dream of freedom.

Henry however has compassion for Olivia, and, during the hypnotism, invites her to see the world as it really is, but not to accept it. From that moment Olivia has short visions about the true nature of the people around her: the evil ones (and the ones who do not want the society to change) are vampires, the good ones and open to a new society have a luminous aura around them.

Olivia obviously is not satisfied by the situation, and she will have to work both to conquer freedom and to persuade Henry into removing the hypnosis effect.

The cure of dreaming is a good novel, but I was not entirely convinced by the characters, and the hypnotic effect is quite polarized around the suffragist thematic.

* The Cure for Dreaming by Cat Winters ★★★☆☆

*I read this book in english


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