Wrinkles by Paco Roca


Leggi questo articolo in italiano

Emilio was a bank director, now he is old and his family is no more able to help him. They choose for him a home for the elderly, and there Emilio will meet other people with different issues and stories, and he will become a friend of Miguel, with whom he shares the room.

In the meanwhile he discovers he suffers Alzheimer’s, and he will go through the slow loss of memory and of himself.

Wrinkles is a beautiful graphic novel, focused on the theme of illness and getting old; by associating images of the past and of the present, Paco Roca reminds us that old people have lived an entire life, and that in the future we will also ind ourselves in the condition of fragility than now, sometimes, we find insufferable in other people.

Wrinkles is a book that puts again everything in the right perspective, and it underlines how every elderly has his/her own way to be old, everyone with his/her habits and behaviours, acquired during their lives.

Paco Roca talks about illness with a light, sometimes ironical, way, and the cover is a beautiful summary: Emilio’s head is losing a series of photos, the memories of his life.

I thank who suggested the book to me, and second this advice.

* Wrinkles by Paco Roca ★★★★★

*I read this book in italian


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