[Serie] Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb


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The Farseer Trilogy is the first series of the fantasy world by Robin Hobb, that only recently I began to explore.

The three books are about Fitz Chivalry, the bastard son of the prince Chivalry, who gives up his role as king-in-waiting as soon as he knows about the boy he will never meet, since he dies soon after his abdication in strange circumstances.

Fitz grows up under Burrich guidance (the chosen soldier by Chivalry) who seriously admonish him about using the Wit, the magic Fitz possesses that makes him able to talk to animals. The magic in the world is of two kind: the wit, that is condemned by the community, and the Skill, the art that flows in the royal family and that hallows mind communication and mind control.

In the first book (Assassin’s Apprentice) we see Fitz growing up in the town near the royal castle as stable boy under Burrich command, until his services are requested by King Shrewd: Fitz becomes assassin’s apprentice, a figure who act in the shadows to solve situation that cannot be solved openly. During his life in the royal palace, Fitz becomes to know the Fool, the king’s jester, who seems able only to talk by riddles and to hide great truths.

The Six Duchies reign are attacked by the Red-Ship Raiders of an enemy kingdom, and the people living in the attacked cities become men and women without emotions, violent and aggressive. To better manage the defence of the coast the King orders the creation of a cohort, a group of young people able in the skill to support and help prince Verity. In the castle the rivalry between the two prince is more evident, Veritas on one side and his step-brother Regal on the other one. Fitz is involved in the cohort, but after a fight with his master he is scarred in the use of the skill.

In the following book (Royal Assassin) Fitz is more mature, but constantly divided among the love for Molly (a girl he grow up with in the town), his friendship with the wolf he bounded with the wit and his faith in the king and in Verity, who decides to try an extremely risky adventure to find help to definitely defeat the Red-Ship enemies.  It is more clear also Regal’s strive for power.

The second book ends dramatically, and only in the third and last novel (Assassin’s Quest) all the stories will find their ending.

The Farseer Trilogy is very well-built and well-finished, in particular concerning the characterization; a nice feature is that the noble ones have a name that recalls their main attitude (Fitz will always be considered as a bastard because he’s name means it). In the book the reader can perceive the evolution of the main character, Fitz, who grows up during the books and introduces every chapter with his memories or description useful for the world-building.

I personally liked better the first and third installments, but the series is overall beautiful.

* Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb★★★★☆
* Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb★★★★☆
* Assassin’s Quest
by Robin Hobb★★★★☆

*I read this book in english


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