2016 Recap: best readings


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Pile of books

2017 is near and so it is time to do a recap on the best book I read during 2016.

In 2016 I discovered some classics like Royal Highness by Thomas Mann, and the less known Leo Perutz, who wrote fascinating novels, like The Swedish Cavalier.

Concerning the fantasy genre I ended reading The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb, and I particularly liked the third installment. I enjoyed the second installment of the series Shades of Magic, A gathering of shadows, by V.E Schwabbs and I wait for the third and last book to come out in 2017. I suggest also a couple of short novels / novellas: Every heart a doorway by Seanan McGuire (there will be spinoff and followup in the years to come) and the brilliant Downfall of the gods by K.J. Parker.

I read also something by Diana Wynne Jones: Archer’s goon, a novel suited both for child and adults, while for adults I suggest A feast of sorrows by Angela Slatter, a beautiful collection of dark tales mostly set in a single world, more or less retelling of fairy tales. Concerning fairy tales Boy snow bird by Helen Oyeyemi, is a retelling of Snow White (in truth more than this) in a modern magical realism setting.

I read also some historical fiction: And I darken, a fictional novel about Vlad Dracul, The hired girl by Laura Amy Schlitz, a fictional diary of the protagonist, hired by a wealthy family. If you prefer more drama there is The wonder by Emma Donoghue and His bloody project by Graeme Macrae Burnet, the first about the extremely religious Ireland of 1800 and the latter a fictional reconstruction of a trial in the Scotland of 1800.

A truer story is the one told in Doc by Mary Doria Russell, that is a fictional biography about the life of Doc Holliday, the book is not only for the western movie lovers.

Events nearer out times are the one of The girls by Emma Cline, inspired by the Manson’s family and about the sense of belonging, and The vegetarian by Han Kang, that shows the life in South Korea and the role of the woman there. A mix of past (Italian Reinassance) and present is How to be both by Ali Smith, a novel about women and art, but also focuses on the reading experience.

If you want to read something romantic and happy I suggest the novels by Eva Ibbotson, like A countess below stairs.

Concerning the graphic novels I liked a lot Kobane calling by Zerocalcare, I also discovered the art of Paco Roca in Wrinkles, about getting old and ill with a delicate touch.

I also read / re-read a few classics for childs: Ascolta il mio cuore, Seacrow Island and Anne of Green Gables (that I always avoided because of the animated version, what a mistake).

Have a nice 2017 and read beautiful books 🙂


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