Saint Peter’s Snow by Leo Perutz


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Friedrich Amberg wakes up from a coma in a hospital, the doctors tell him that he has been there for five weeks, but his memories, when they come back to him, are quite different.

In the novel Friedrich tells the story from his point of view: as a doctor he accepted to work in Morwede, a village under the feud of Baron von Malchin. In Morwede Friedrich met the village administrators and the two children of the Baron, and Bibiche, a woman he was in love with during the university studies.

During the five weeks in Morwede the main character is made part of the baron’s plan to have the Faith back in the village, a plan based on a grain parasite drug, Saint Peter’s Snow.

The baron’s dream is destined to face reality, while the readers – as well as Friedrich – are left with the doubt about what actually happened in Morwede.

With this novel I completed another bit of exploration of the writing by Leo Perutz (by now I have read some of his novels: The Swedish Cavalier, Master of the Day of Judgement, Between Nine and Nine, Little Apple); here the narrative style is the one I’m used to, but here politics has a greater and explicit role in the story.

Saint Peter’s Snow by Leo Perutz ★★★☆☆½

*I read this book in italian


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