[ARC] Artemis by Andy Weir


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Andy Weir is the author of The Martian, a book that I liked a lot, where the author displayed his ability in the hard sci-fi genre, that is the science fiction deeply based on scientific and technical details.

Having the chance to ask as advanced reading his new novel I was very happy, but in the end I did not find it so engaging and fast paced as the The Martian.

The story is set on Artemis, the only city on the Moon; the main character, Jazz Bashara, alternates legal jobs (the porter) to less legal ones (smuggling forbidden goods from Earth); despite this she is not able to gain enough money to have a normal – non poor – life. One day a contact of hers proposes a criminal activity extremely dangerous but also extremely well paid, and Jazz accepts. Unfortunately, Jazz will be involved in a conspiracy about the future of the colony.

The novel is quite engaging – it contains a thread of thriller / action – but some elements did not convince me: Jazz is extremely skilled in everything (she is smart, brave and technically capable) but she is totally unable to use them in a useful way. The criminal plot is extremely naive in its development, and the conclusion is the top of naiveté (no further details to avoid spoilers). Concerning style and narration, overall I found excessive the infodump that continuously stop the narration, and stylistically weak the letters exchanged with the friend on Earth, and I did not like the jokes between the characters and toward the reader (sex jokes mostly).

I did expect more from this novel; it is nice but very much inferior to The Martian.

Thanks to the publisher for providing me the copy necessary to write this review.

* Artemis by Andy Weir ★★★☆☆

*I read this book in english

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