A Glove Shop in Vienna and Other Stories by Eva Ibbotson


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A glove shop in Vienna & other stories is a collection of 19 tales by Eva Ibbotson.

Eva Ibbotson’s stories are romantic and positive, a true panacea when I’m sad or dejected. I did not like all the tales the same, but every collection has its highs and lows.

The best tales are the ones a friend defines “concentrated novels”, where the protagonists meet, are separated and then get together again in the most romantic ending; in this category belong the following:  A rose in Amazonia, Sidi, Theatre Street. Other tales have some funny elements, or near-paradox situations, A little disagreement where an old lady uses to act frequently the day of her death, The great carp Ferdinand where the main dish of the Christmas Eve dinner refuses to die, or The Magi of Markham Street and The Little Countess where respectively we have a Christmas play with unexpected ending and a governess is exhausted by the customs of the Russian family she attends to.

Other tales I liked are: Vicky and the Christmas Angel, Osmandine, A Glove shop in Vienna.

The tales have beautiful plot, but the narrative style should be mentioned, too: Ibbotson’s style is beautiful, using few words a scene becomes alive, and the background is full of characters reflecting culture and life style of the period.

* A Glove Shop in Vienna and Other Stories by Eva Ibbotson ★★★★☆

*I read this book in english