All Systems Red by Martha Wells


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The novella is set in a corporate driven future; the companies provide also the security droids for security in exploration missions.

The protagonist of the book is a droid – he likes to define himself Murderbot – who is responsible of the security of a scientific exploration in a distant planet.

The droid hacked the governor module, and thanks to this freedom act we are able to be part of his real thoughts: he loves tv series, does not like to socialize with the human companions and is terribly sarcastic. It’s clearly impossible not to love him.

The novella shows well built characters, and the plot is a mix of science fiction, action and thriller, all well homogenized. Too bad the book is so short, luckily it seems the author is working on follow ups, and I honestly wish to read more about the wonderful Murderbot.

* All Systems Red by Martha Wells ★★★★☆

*I read this book in english