The BFG by Roald Dahl


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It’s a wonderful novel, and it does not lose its wonder after twenty years from the first read. The main characters are the Big Friendly Giant, who talks funny and who’s able to let children have marvelous dreams, and Sophia, a young girl who meets the BFG during the witching hour.

He is the only good giant, the other nine are monsters who want to eat human flesh: the BFG and Sophia will have to plain something to make them inoffensive.

The novel is full of inventions and wonders (and the illustrations by Quentin Blake) and, as other novels by the author, contains horrific elements: the giants are terrible creatures and Sophia could be eaten if found by them.

The narration is fluid and fun, both for the mess the BFG makes when talking (left or right?), both for the numerous plays on words and their meaning. I have to praise the Italian translation so good to have transposed each wordplay and the giants name.

* The BFG by Roald Dahl ★★★★★

*I read this book in italian & english

Hildafolk by Luke Pearson


HIlda e il troll by Luke Pearson
Hilda e il gigante di mezzanotte by Luke Pearson

Hilda è una bambina che vive nel pieno del fantastico: giganti, troll e una miriade di altre creature popolano l’area in cui vive con sua mamma.

Nelle prime due avventure Hilda si trova a che fare con un troll e con esseri molto più piccoli e molto più grandi di lei.

Hilda è amante dell’avventura: non si fa frenare dall’ignoto ma si lancia alla scoperta di creature e luoghi nuovi.

Le due storie sono molto belle e introducono diversi elementi del folklore nordico rappresentati in modo delizioso (il troll con la campanella, i giganti …).


HIldafolk by Luke Pearson
Hilda and the midnight giant by Luke Pearson

Hilda is a girl who lives in the middle of the folklore: giants, trolls and lots of other creatures live where Hilda home is.

In these two adventures Hilda has to face a troll and people smaller and bigger than her.

Hilda loves adventure: she is – almost – never scared by what she does not know but she aims to discover other new creatures and places.

The two stories are beautiful and introduce various elements of the nordic legends and folks, the images are super cute (the troll with the bell, the giants,.. )


HIlda e il troll by Luke Pearson ★★★½
Hilda e il gigante di mezzanotte by Luke Pearson ★★★½



Three (good) books about loss


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Losing a parent, a friend of someone we love is always hard and painful to accept: everybody has his own way to deal with the loss.
Keeping on reading you will find the reviews of three books (2 novels and a graphic novel) dealing this topic without being banal, every one of them with a particular narrative and expressive way.

The novels:
“Tell the wolves I’m home” di Carol Rifka Brunt
“A monster calls” di Patrick Ness

The graphic novel:
“I kill giants” by Joe Kelly

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