Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford


Suicide Notes affronta un tema piuttosto difficile, quello del suicidio (derivato da problemi di relazione e emotivi) nei ragazzi.

Jeff si risveglia in un centro psichiatrico dopo aver fallito il proprio suicidio, e il romanzo percorre i 45 giorni del programma di recupero in cui i genitori l’hanno iscritto. La vita di Jeff si divide quindi tra sedute di analisi con lo psichiatra responsabile della struttura e di incontri che coinvolgono anche gli altri giovani, ospiti della struttura per motivi differenti. Nel corso del romanzo Jeff si troverà ad affrontare il problema alla base del suo comportamento, prima di tutto ammettendolo con se stesso.

Grazie all’ironia e sarcasmo di Jeff il romanzo non è drammatico, ma risulta in molte parti anche divertente. Non sono però sicura che alcune immagini siano adatte a un pubblico molto giovane.


Suicide Notes deals with a difficult theme, the suicide in young people (mainly due to emotional and relational issues).

Jeff wakes up in a psychiatric yard after failing to kill himself. The novel follows Jeff’s story during the 45 days of the rehab program he has to follow for his parent’s decision. Jeff’s life is divided among single therapy with the psychiatrist who manages the structure and with group sessions with the other girls and boys living in the structure. During the novel Jeff has to face the problem behind his behaviours, first of all by analyzing it himself. stesso.

Thanks to Jeff’s irony and sarcasm the novel is not dramatic, and some parts are light and funny. However I’m not sure that some images are quite suited for a young reader.


Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford ★★★☆

Between Mom and Jo by Julie Anne Peters


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Main character and narrating point of view of the novel is, son of Erin and Jo, a homosexual couple.
The novel follows some of the most important events during Nick’s life since childhood to teenage years, and, indirectly, the evolution of his mothers relationship.

Overall I think that the novel aims to deal – poorly, in fact – too many topics: discrimination against Nick, alcohol abuse, serious illness, relationship problems, separation, custody, family dynamics, love, marriage. Shifting from a topic to the next one in the end deplete the meaning of the novel, resulting too shallow and predictable.

“Between mom and Jo” did not  move me, I found hard to sympathize for the character who, being few and the heart of the novel, are not well characterized.

This novel could have provided an interesting point of view, but in my opinion it failed in this aim.


* Between Mom and Jo by Julie Anne Peters ★★☆☆☆

*I read this book in English

Blue is the warmest color by Julie Maroh


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The graphic novel, from which Blue is the warmest color took inspiration, tells about the intense love story between Clémentine and Emma, the girl with blue hair.

This is not a harmless read, an entertaining one: the author choses to put all the happiness of the two women in a few pages, while most of the book deals with the problems faced and overcome.

It’s a difficult love not because it is a homosexual one (the book recalls us how love is universal and does not submits to categories), but because the two protagonists will have to face everything they are and everything they fear and everything other people think about them – because judgement looms over us constantly.

The story is beautiful and touchy, the graphics are structured such as images more than words have to communicate to the reader: the past is a grey and brown watercolour where blue comes out to warm up Clémentine memories.

A meaningful and well-finished graphic novel.


* Blue is the warmest color by Julie Maroh ★★★★☆½

*I read this book in Italian

Two boys kissing by David Levithan


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Love is universal no matter who you are

In 2010 Matt Daley e Bobby Canciello break the previous world record by kissing continuously for 32 hours, 30 minutes and 45 seconds. This was done to point out to the world that “Love is universal no matter who you are”.

The writer David Levithan will take inspiration from this event for his novel “Two boys kissing”: the main character are made-up, in common with the reality there is only the purpose to break the longest kiss record – and its meaning.

In the following the review.

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