How to say goodbye in robot by Natalie Standifod


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Beatrice, due to her father work, him being a researcher and a professor, has moved to a new town. The change brought some side effects: Bea’s mother is more strange, emotional and unhappy.

Bea instead integrate herself well in the new school where she meets Jonah, or ghost boy for his detachment to everything that interests his peers. Bea and Jonah become friends and good listeners of a night radio show that reunites some peculiar loners.

The novel cover the whole last year of high school before college, during this time Bea understands the reason of Jonah’s strangeness and her own’s mother too.

I found difficult to empathize for the main characters, first of all because the emotions they feel are written but quite unbelievable taking in consideration time and situations: Bea’s struggle for her friendship with Jonah aren’t supported by the few meetings the reader actually see described and the lack of confidence from Jonah; Jonah seems mostly emotionally unstable for his behaviour, instead he ends up being a practical and rational character. Bea, thinking about herself, appears to be a totally egotistical character, this supported by her being uninterest in understanding her mother’s situation and issues..

In the end a nice read but not very deep.


* How to say goodbye in robot by Natalie Standifod ★★★

*I read this book in English