Mistletoe and Murder by Robin Stevens


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Fifth installment of the Wells & Wong, or Murder Most Unladylike mysteries series.

In the best tradition of Miss Marple, or of the more recent Jessica Fletcher, we are fully aware that everywhere Daisy and Hazel go, a murder will follow.

This time the two girls are in Cambridge, with the purpose of spending a peaceful Christmas with Daisy’s aunt in a school near the one that Daisy’s brother is attending.

In the city are spending their holidays also the Pinkerton boys, a rival detective society, and the girls will have to collaborate with them (a relation that goes from friendship to challenges).

The crime plot is well-managed as always (my comment to the previous installments is here and here and also here), one of the features that I like is the historical setting, that emerge from small details; in this specific case the role of women in society – and in academy – is the most relevant theme.

* Mistletoe and Murder by Robin Stevens ★★★★☆

*I read this book in english

[Series] Wells and Wong by Robin Stevens


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The Wells & Wong series by Robin Stevens is set in the ’30 in England (the first two book in particular in 1934-35).

The two main characters are Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong, two girls about thirteen, great friends and both studying in a boarding school for girls. Daisy is english, blonde, bold and operative: she has always new project in mind, and she is the inventor of the Wells and Wong detective society. Hazel is chinese (from Hong Kong to be exact) and it was her father to desire her studying in England; she is just the opposite of Daisy, being shy, fearful and more reflexive.

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