[ARC] The Blood Card (DI Stephens & Max Mephisto #3) by Elly Griffiths


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Third novel with DI Stephens and the magician Max Mephisto (here the first and here the second book of the series).

It’s almost coronation day for young queen Elizabeth, and Edgar Stephens has two murder cases to deal with: Madame Zabini, fortune-teller of Romanian origins, and Colonel Cartwright. This second murder becomes soon important – the man was the responsible of the magic men, the group both Edgar and Max belonged to in WWII – and also Max Mephisto is involved in the case, because on the body an ace of hearts card was found, the blood card in the illusionist world.

The inquiry will bring Edgar also in the United States, and soon the hints point to an anarchist group some people belonging to the variety world.

Like the previous novel, this book is a nice read, however I think here it’s almost impossible for the reader to guess the murderer; I have also some doubts about how many books could be based on such two different characters who have also very different works (and how many other reference to the magic men could be used). Similarly to other series we can follow here the evolution of the main characters (Max has to face the advent of television) and their relationships.

Thanks to the publisher for providing me the copy necessary to write this review.

* The Blood Card by Elly Griffiths ★★★☆☆

*I read this book in english