The Force by Don Winslow


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I’m generally a fan of the novels by Don Winslow, writer able to create telegraphic chapters and to send the reader in the modern criminal world.

This novel, The Force, ended up being quite different from my expectations; on one side the style: a more articulate narration (sometimes confusing, mainly at the beginning), and longer chapters. On the other side the plot: the criminal here are the policemen themselves.

The main character is Danny Malone, king of  Manhattan North Special Force, that is the police unit that never stops to fight criminals. But Danny – and his fellow colleague brothers – are really corrupted, always ready to take favours or money and to be involved in criminal activities.

The novel focus in on the rise and abrupt fail of Danny’s life, from untouchable cop, a hero, to a man who sees everything he has built crumbling in front of him, and the only choice is whether to become a rat.

The novel is engaging, at least after the introductory part, but the whole political schemes and the betrays make the plot almost surreal, with a climax in the ending part. In the end good, but it’s not the first title that will come into my mind if I’m asked to suggest a novel by Don Winslow.

* The Force by Don Winslow ★★★☆☆

*I read this book in english